Launch! -for sale 27.5x19.6" (70x50cm)
Arthur haas launch small
Arthur haas launch framed small
Arthur haas launch framed small ccw
Launch! -for sale 27.5x19.6" (70x50cm)

Gouache on canvas 27.5x19.6" (70x50cm). This piece is more graphic in style than I usually make. The fluidity of gouache makes making straight lines relatively easy. When I painted this I had the canvas rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise. Only after finishing I kind of liked it more like this but both are possible. Or was it the other way around?
This one is for sale for € 480,-. This is with a frame and shipping included. It's painted on canvas , is signed and varnished and is a unique item. It comes with a frame ready to be hanged and comes well packed. You can contact me through the contact page for details.

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