In the land of Alien Gods -for sale 27.5x19.6" (70x50cm)

Gouache on canvas 27.5x19.6" (70x50cm). A rare thing to have captured and to now share the process, the struggle to make this painting happen. Nowadays I make progress shots more often but when I made this one I wasn't in that habit. Also this was quite exceptional to struggle that much with a painting. I made this one in 2009. I'd like to think I've grown as an artist since then, don't fight nearly as much with a painting anymore. The perks of growing older.
This one is for sale for € 520,-. This is with shipping included. It's painted on canvas , is signed and varnished and is a unique item. It comes ready to be hanged and comes well packed. You can contact me through the contact page for details.